Acquisition & Divestments

We invest in Forestland as a part of our long-term investment strategy. Our legal setup enables us to make investments based on their positive impact on people, our planet and society. The forests are our principal, and the interest they generate are the social, environmental, and economic benefits that result from careful stewardship.  Forests are a long-term investment and ensuring that they remain forests forever makes sense both as an investment and for people and planet.

  • Selling sustainably harvested timber exclusively on the open market to ensure ROI  
  • We carefully benchmark the growth of the forest, and we never harvest more than the forest grows in totality.  
  • Sustainable harvesting is beneficial for carbon storage, biodiversity, and the robustness of the business in the long term  

Our investments are based on: 

  • Price  
  • Potential return on investment  
  • Legal requirements  
  • Existence of the necessary infrastructure, wood processing facilities and technical skills  
  • Relevance for the IKEA supply chain  
  • Previous investments  
  • Other factors, including land suitability for forestry, productivity, ecological needs and risk factors of the desired tree species  


We want to be geographical relevant to the areas where we are running our business. In order to provide an effective management we need to stay focused on some cluster areas.

The divestment is an opportunity to trade or swap surfaces with other investors.

If you want to sell forestland or you are interested in our divestment opportunities, please use the Contact section to get in touch with us. We will make sure we come back to you with more information!