Acquisition & Divestments

Forestland Investment: A Vision for the Long Term

Our commitment to Forestland investment is a cornerstone of our financial strategy. Our organizational structure empowers us to make investments that prioritize their positive impact on people, our planet, and society as a whole. Within this framework, the forests themselves are our primary asset, with dividends extending beyond financial gains to encompass social, environmental, and economic benefits stemming from our dedicated stewardship.


We exclusively sell responsibly harvested wood on the open market, ensuring a healthy return on investment.

We assess our forests’ growth, adhering to sustainable practices that never exceed their natural renewal capacity. There is no net loss of forest cover over time – our forest volumes have increased by 3 percent or 500 000 cubic meters in the last eight years.

Sustainable harvesting goes beyond mere financial gains; it represents an investment in carbon storage, biodiversity, and the enduring resilience of our business.

Our Investment Criteria:

  1. Exclusion of Disputed Assets: We rigorously exclude any assets subject to disputes, reinforcing our commitment to ethical and transparent investments.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness: Ensuring optimal pricing for investments.
  3. Potential ROI Assessment: Evaluating potential returns on investment.
  4. Legal Compliance: Adhering strictly to regulatory requirements.
  5. Infrastructure & Expertise: Assessing the availability of processing facilities and technical proficiency.
  6. Supply Chain Alignment: Ensuring relevance to the IKEA supply chain.
  7. Prior Investments: Building upon the successes of our existing portfolio.
  8. Other Factors: Considering land suitability, productivity, ecological impacts, and conducting risk assessments for desired tree species.

We strive to establish geographic relevance in the regions where we operate. Focused management within designated cluster areas enhances our overall effectiveness.


Divestment offers a unique chance for land exchange or trade collaboration with fellow investors.

Should you wish to sell forestland or explore potential divestment opportunities, kindly connect with us through our Contact section. We are dedicated to providing you with additional information and valuable insights!