Sustainability & Compliance

Our approach is grounded in responsible and stringent management practices aimed at not only safeguarding but enhancing the overall quality of the forest, its surrounding environment, and biodiversity for generations to come. We are committed to maintaining this balance, as we believe it is the path towards the sustainable, long-term utilization of our valuable resources.


Our Forest Management Plans, operational reports and other relevant documents are accessible to the public. Annually, we extend personal invitations to over 1,500 national authorities, NGOs, and other stakeholders, welcoming their input and insights.

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Our forestry investments are inspired by the IKEA Forest Positive Agenda for 2030, an initiative that amplifies our commitment to improving forest management and biodiversity conservation globally. The agenda focuses on three key areas to protect and support forest resources for generations to come:

Make responsible forest management the norm across the world

Halt deforestation and reforest degraded landscapes

Drive innovation to use wood in smarter ways

Community involvement

We actively collaborate with local partners, communities, and stakeholders in areas where we manage forests. We initiate conversations with communities right from the outset of the acquisition process, with the aim of being attentive, learning, and establishing ourselves as good neighbors who contribute to the well-being of local livelihoods.

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