Sustainability & Compliance

Responsible forest management is possible, and we demonstrate that every day. Our commitment is to consider all the functions of a forest and to plan for dozens of years ahead.

We always favor doing things right rather than doing them fast. We believe there is no such thing as short-term thinking when it comes to responsible forest management


Our Forest Management Plans and other documents are publicly available, and each year we personally invite more than 1500 national authorities, NGOs, and other stakeholders to comment. We apply responsible and strict management measures that will preserve and even increase the quality of the forest, environment, and biodiversity over time. We want to preserve this equilibrium, as we believe this is the way that leads us to a sustainable use of resources in the long term.

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Our forestry investment is guided by the IKEA Forest Positive Agenda for 2030 which will ramp up our efforts to improve forest management and enhance biodiversity globally. The new agenda will focus on three key areas to protect and support forest resources for generations to come:

Make responsible forest management the norm across the world

Halt deforestation and reforest degraded landscapes

Drive innovation to use wood in smarter ways

Community involvement

We engage with local partners, communities and stakeholders where we own forests, starting talks with communities early in the acquisition process, to ensure that we listen and learn to be a good neighbor and support livelihoods.

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