About us

Ingka Group

Ingka Group operates IKEA retail stores and IKEA centers and, through its investment arm, Ingka Investments, owns forests in several countries. Ingka Investments currently owns around 250,000 hectares of land where it is managing existing forests and growing new forests, including about 50,000 hectares in Romania.

Our firm commitment is to be responsible forest managers: to consider all the functions of a forest and to plan dozens of years ahead.

Sustainability & Compliance

It is Ingka Investments’ role to help secure Ingka Group’s long-term growth and at the same time have a positive impact on people and planet. Examples of our investments include renewable energy, recycling, and biomaterial developments.

Forestland is a historically stable, long-term investment, and as a renewable resource that has a positive impact on the planet, forests are a natural choice for investment.

As a company with a long history of wooden furniture, we have an opportunity to positively influence how wood is sourced. By demonstrating that producing sustainably managed timber can be profitable, we are setting a model for the industry and investing in the future.

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Our mission is to do business in the long term, ensuring the continuity and development of our forests for future generations.

We demonstrate

That responsible forest management is beneficial to people, planet and growth.

Nearly 20%

Of our forestland has environmental rather than commercial objectives.

We calculate CO2

Removal, but we do not engage in carbon offsetting or selling carbon credits.

We are transparent

In our activities, engaging with communities and stakeholders regularly.