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Ingka Group

Ingka Group is the largest IKEA retailer and represents about 90% of IKEA retail sales, and through its investment arm Ingka Investments it owns and manages forests in Romania, the Baltic countries, US and New Zealand. With a forestland portfolio spanning approximately 300,000 hectares, we are actively managing and expanding our forested landscapes. This includes roughly 50,000 hectares of natural forest right here in Romania.

We are fully committed to responsible forest management, protecting the forests, and maintaining biodiversity for future generations.

Sustainability & Compliance

We, at Ingka Group, believe it’s good business to be a good business – our investments in forests help to preserve the company’s capital, giving us the resources to avoid short-term thinking and to invest in the future. Our approach shows that a business can be both sustainable and profitable.

When it comes to investments, forests stand as an age-old, steadfast choice. They are a renewable resource that not only aligns with our planet’s well-being but also offers lasting stability.

Wood is an essential part of the IKEA identity and an essential material for a sustainable future. We have a love for this beautiful and renewable material and recognize the importance of good forestry management practices. Because we are fully aware of the importance of responsible forest management, we are committed to bringing a positive impact on forests, in addition to the mandatory regulations given by legislation.

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At the heart of our mission is a commitment to the long term, a promise to safeguard and nurture our forests for generations yet to come, fostering their continuous growth and prosperity.

We demonstrate

Responsible forest management delivers positive outcomes for people, our planet, and fosters sustainable growth.

Close to 27%

Of our forested land is dedicated to environmental goals, prioritizing ecological well-being over purely commercial interests.

We calculate CO2 absorption

Refraining from carbon offsetting or the sale of carbon credits.

We place transparency at the heart of our operations

Our commitment involves maintaining open and continuous communication with communities and stakeholders.